Tsunao Yamai
Noh-Player for SHITE role, Komparu-school.
Hometown: Yokohama-city, Kanagawa-prefecture.

The late Heishiroh Umemura(Noh-Player, Komparu-school)'s grandchild.
Studied under the 79th headmaster of Komparu-school, Nobutaka Komparu, and studies under the 80th headmaster of Komparu-school, Yasuaki Komparu.

First stage was at the age of 5, and first SHITE(main character) was at the age of 12. Performed various precious Noh-plays, such as 'MIDARE', 'SHAKKYOH' and 'DOHJYOHJI'. As a reverent disciple of headmaster of Komparu, appears on stages of Noh play and Noh lectures across Japan. He is also a member of 'The SQUARE', which is the society of Komparu's Noh-players. Hosted 'Yamai Tsunao no kai'. Promoting 'Noh' by TV, radio, newspaper and magazine appearance, appearing in modern play, and collaborating performance with artists in the different field.

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Kentaro Kihara
Pianist & Composer
Hometown: Kushiro-city, Hokkaido-prefecture.

Enjoyed playing piano at the age of 4 and started composing at the age of 5. By the time he was in Junior High, his musical interests turned to jazz, as well as pop and film scoring.

When he was a freshman in high school he took part in an audition for Berklee College of Music in Boston . He received the Gary Burton scholarship, and while studying there, the "Berklee Jazz Performance Award", and graduated Berklee College of Music.

After returning to Japan, he won third prize of "Heineken Jazz Competition". He then began his professional life as a pianist in which he emphasized "simple and warm melodies", after his experience as a jazz pianist.

He has released eight albums including his master piece album "be…"(PONY CANYON), in 2005. He has also been composing music for TV programs and advertising. He has performed with Susan Osborn, and collaborated with her on several recordings. His work has recently taken him to Korea. One of his life work is "Candle Live" in which he played under the innumerable candle. His activities are not captured any stereotypes.

His new projects include "Very Merry Orchestra" with brass members who were alumnus of Berklee College of Music in 2009. They have released two recordings.

He also recently began "Piano Solo Project" in which he releases new music every month on iTunes.

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