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Noh, the pride of Japanese traditional entertainment and the oldest stage art in the world, is a discipline that expresses the elements of singing & dance, similar to European opera and musical theater.

"縁 ~enishi~" synergizes the fascinating beauty of Noh and the musical expressiveness of the piano.

The partners in this unique collaboration are a revolutionary Noh artist, Tsunao Yamai, and Kentaro Kihara whose artistry and versitility takes him all over the music scene as a contemporary pianist and composer. The collision of these two souls, beyond the walls of culture, creates a new fantastic world.

Japanese eternal dance, the melancholic melody of piano and the song of Noh intertwine and expand into a theatre experience unlike any other.

■ Recommendation

This collaboration by this two guys is absolutely a miracle!
A world that we cannot see appears in front of us with beauty and solidity.

                      Tomoko Nakajima (Actress)

"These talented artists are connecting the deep past, present and future of Japan in their collaboration, with great tenderness and strength.
They accomplish what seems impossible with grace, and authenticity.  
Bravo!  A must see!"

                        Susan Osborn (Singer)