Tsunao Yamai will attend to Kentaro Kihara's Solo Live
Kentaro Kihara will start the new year, 2011 from Piano Solo Live at Ebisu, Tokyo.
This time, saxophone player and arranger, Yohei Kobayashi and Noh-Player for SHITE role, Komparu-school, Tsunao Yamai will attend this live as special guests.

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■ Title
Kentaro Kihara with His Friends LIVE

■ Date
Jan. 14th, 2011(Fri)Open 18:00 Start 19:30

■ Venue
art cafe friends
TEL 03-6382-9050

■ Special guests
Yohei Kobayashi(S.Sax) ・Tsunao Yamai(Noh-Player for SHITE role, Komparu-school)

■ Charge
¥3,500(Excluded drink charge, ¥500)

■ The pre-release
Nov. 29th, 2010(Mon)〜Dec. 5th(Sun)
※Please check the Kentaro Kihara official website

■ Sales start
Dec. 6th(Mon)〜
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art cafe friends TEL 03-6382-9050

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